Car Accidents

Answering Your Car Accident Questions

Our attorneys at The Law Office of James E. Goad, PC have represented countless car accident victims and their family members. We understand that it can be overwhelming to file a collision claim or respond to a claim rejection while you are still recovering from your crash.

We’re providing answers to frequently asked questions about car accidents because we want to help you protect your claim and receive the compensation you deserve. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us online to connect with a skilled attorney.

What Is My Claim Worth?

Since every car accident is different, it’s difficult to determine what a claim is worth without studying these factors:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • The damage done to your car
  • Your current and future earning capacity
  • The circumstances leading up to the accident

When you meet with us, we will review any car accident evidence you have, study your hospital record and examine the car accident report filed by the police. Using decades of personal injury claims experience, we will identify possible outcomes for your case.

Do I Really Need To Contact The Police After A Car Crash?

It’s important to have a police officer at the accident scene because the officer can secure the scene and reroute traffic to ensure your safety.

Police officers are required to complete accident reports, which can be filed with insurance companies and can strengthen your claim. If the at-fault driver changes his or her story days after the accident, you can use the police report to support your side of the story.

It may only take a few minutes to contact law enforcement after your crash, but it’s worthwhile to get the police involved.

How Can An Attorney Help Me If I Can Prove That The Other Driver Caused The Accident?

You may think that you have a rock-solid personal injury claim; however, we do not recommend that you speak to an insurance adjuster before you consult with a personal injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters are loyal to their employers and not accident victims. They use tricks to convince accident victims that their claims are meritless or deserve only a small payout.

Our lawyers know how to avoid these deceptions while protecting your claim. We don’t charge legal fees unless we recover a settlement, so you have nothing to lose by working with us.

Should I Accept The First Settlement Offer That I Receive?

Offering a low initial settlement is a common strategy that insurance providers use to protect their profits. It is rare that the first settlement offer that you receive will be a fair offer. Insurance companies know that accident victims need money to pay for hospital bills or car repairs so that they will use your financial concerns to their advantage. When you accept a payout, however, you could be limiting your ability to recover damages in the future. If your car accident injuries are severe, you could be responsible for paying for long-term care out of your pocket.

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