Child Custody And Support

Focused On Your Children’s Interests During Custody And Support Negotiations

Even if you recognize that ending your marriage is best for your family, this breakup can have a devastating effect on your children. Securing optimal child custody and support orders can help minimize this impact and allow your children to transition to a new stage in their lives.

In Cartersville, The Law Office of James E. Goad, PC, strives to find solutions that work for both your children and you. Our family law attorneys do not encourage our clients to engage in bitter disputes that can prolong divorce proceedings and strain relationships. We provide effective, cost-conscientious representation that promotes your children’s best interests throughout the process.

Negotiating Favorable Custody Terms

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who customize their approach according to your family’s specific circumstances and needs. We know how to prepare strategies that protect your parenting rights and your children’s welfare.

We represent mothers and fathers seeking:

  • Joint or sole legal custody
  • Joint or sole physical custody
  • Custody modification
  • Custody enforcement

We encourage both parties to reach a consensus before relying on a Georgia family court judge to determine the terms of the custody order. If you are unable to find an acceptable solution without involving the court, we will zealously represent you in litigation.

Whether you need to secure a custody order during your divorce or modify it after your divorce is finalized, we are equipped to help.

Obtaining Fair Support Orders

Receiving fair child support orders is critical for parents who are moving from a dual-income household to a single-income household. If you choose to negotiate child support terms on your own, you could leave money on the table during talks with your children’s other parent.

Our lawyers have a substantial understanding of Georgia’s child support laws and support formula. We use this insight to put you in the best position possible during negotiations. It is our goal that you receive a support order that allows you to look after your children’s needs without bankrupting you in the process.

We are committed to identifying practical solutions that last. However, if you need to modify your order to adjust to an unforeseen change in financial circumstances, we can assist you with this matter. Having represented countless clients in post-judgment cases, we are qualified to file petitions for support modifications, enforcement and violations.

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