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Comprehensive Family Law Solutions

Every divorce is unique, and every family law matter deserves its own personalized legal approach. At The Law Office of James E. Goad, PC, we take your legal challenges seriously, and suggest legal solutions that benefit you and your family — without hurting your wallet. We provide comprehensive legal care to those in Cartersville and throughout northern Georgia to cover family law matters such as:

When your child is involved, family courts seek solutions that benefit the best interests of the child. After evaluating your case and your legal options available, we can help determine the most practical legal solution that can help you achieve the outcome you seek, while protecting your child’s best interests.

Protecting Your Rights In Contempt Actions

If your ex-partner is in contempt of your parenting agreement and fails to follow any court orders, we can help protect your rights and resolve your case. We start by beginning discussions with the noncompliant parent, aiming to end the case quickly and amicably. But should those discussions fail, we will fight for your rights in court once again.

If the other parent is bringing these actions on you, we can represent your case before the court as well. There are often legitimate reasons behind why you are unable to follow your order, and we can help you avoid any financial penalties or jail time that may result.

Keeping Things Short, Efficient And Cost-Effective

Our attorneys understand the importance of your family and your assets. We also believe that everyone is entitled to quality legal representation, no matter what. That is why we always try to seek cost-effective solutions to your legal matters, aiming to end your case quickly and efficiently while still achieving the results you’re looking for.

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