3 ways to protect loved ones from DUIs

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | criminal defense

DUIs have legal consequences that impact a person’s future. However, the dangers of driving under the influence go beyond getting in trouble with the law. Drunk driving accidents lead to hundreds of deaths in Georgia each year.

Learning strategies for preventing loved ones from drinking and driving helps you protect them from landing a DUI charge or getting into a life-threatening accident.

1. Talk about the issue

Talking about the importance of driving sober serves as an important starting point for protecting friends and family. Voice your concerns for those you care about and help them plan for getting home safely after holiday gatherings or other events. If you have children, discuss the dangers of driving drunk and the consequences of receiving a DUI charge with them.

2. Take action and help

Besides just talking about the dangers of drunk driving, you should step up to help keep others safe when you can. Volunteer as a designated driver when going out for drinks or pitch in for a taxi or ride-sharing service for friends who need it.

3. Understand DUI charges

Should you or someone you know get pulled over for driving under the influence you should understand your legal rights. DUI laws are unique from state to state, but in Georgia, jail time and fines may result even after the first offense.

You should not take the potential consequences of a DUI lightly. Staying as safe as possible and knowing your rights if the worst-case scenario should occur helps protect you and those you care about.