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What to do if you are pulled over and suspected of drunk driving

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | criminal defense

Did you know that the police can pull you over for something as small as a burned-out brake light or not using your blinkers? Many times, the police officer just wants to warn you about a potential danger.

If your driving or actions are suspect, the officer may ask whether you have been drinking. Follow these strategies if an officer accuses you of a DUI after you have pulled over in a safe area.

Analyze your behavior

Although getting pulled over can be irritating, treat the officers with respect. Be polite and have your license, insurance and registration ready. Address the police politely and answer their questions. Avoid acting suspiciously or moving suddenly.

Avoid admitting any wrongdoing, especially drinking, even if you only had a glass of wine with dinner.

Say “no” to testing

If the officers still suspect that you are drinking and driving, they may ask you to take a field sobriety or breath test. Your answer to both of these requests should be “no.” However, refuse the tests politely. However, the officer may still arrest you, especially if you smell like alcohol or your speech is off.

Do not fight at the station

When you get to the station, the police may require that you take a breath or chemical blood test. Some jurisdictions require a chemical test after arrest, but the breath test is typically easier to disprove in court. You should also remain polite but refuse to answer questions. Write down everything that happened as you remember it.

Your best defense against a DUI is not drinking and driving. If you want to avoid these claims, designate a sober driver or call someone to drive you home if you have had any alcohol.