How much does a Georgia DUI raise auto insurance?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | criminal defense

A Georgia conviction for driving under the influence may set you back quite a bit financially once you factor in fines, fees, towing costs and other related expenses. If you wind up having to spend time behind bars or time performing community service, you may find that these obligations take time away from your ability to earn money at your job.

While all these expenses may hurt your wallet, you may encounter another notable expense once you begin driving again after your conviction. Once you have a DUI in your Georgia driving history, reports that you should anticipate having to pay a whole lot more to insure yourself behind the wheel.

Anticipating a rate hike

The typical Georgia motorist who receives a first-time DUI conviction sees his or her insurance expenses increase by nearly 80%. If, before your conviction, you paid about $1,815 for auto insurance per year, which is typical in Georgia, you may have to pay closer to $3,226 per year after you have a DUI in your driving history.

Finding the most favorable rate available

Some insurance companies choose not to extend coverage to motorists who have histories of drunk driving. Others may charge you considerably more for coverage because of your drunk driving offense. You may want to secure quotes from three or more providers before deciding which one to use.

All Georgia motorists must have liability auto insurance to drive within state lines. Failing to maintain it may lead to additional legal trouble.