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Avoid holiday conflict by communicating proactively

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2021 | Family Law

The holidays can be a rough time for divorced parents. The key to avoiding holiday conflicts while co-parenting is to communicate proactively.

These tips can help you successfully navigate the holiday season.

3 Co-parenting tips for the holidays

Holiday stress can bring out the worst in any family. This is particularly true for parents dealing with divorce. These tips can take some of the stress out of the season.

1. Review your most recent court order

It is vital that you and your ex-spouse know who will have the kids when. If something has changed since you established your holiday schedule, work out an adjustment well before the holidays start.

2. Discuss your plans with your ex

Send your former spouse a friendly text or e-mail to schedule a time to talk about the holidays. Discuss any issues that either of you has with visitation or exchanges over the holidays. This will help you avoid the possibility of spending your holiday time in a courtroom.

3. Be Flexible

Do not be too much of a stickler about the holiday schedule. Put your kids’ enjoyment of the holidays ahead of any resentment you may have about your ex cutting into your scheduled time. Talk to your spouse about important plans you have and work out a compromise if needed.

What to do if the plan goes wrong

Holidays can be unpredictable. If things do not go to plan, make sure you keep your ex-spouse informed. Avoid missing exchanges or changing plans without notice.

Proactive communication between co-parents can make the difference between a miserable holiday season and a fun, but complicated, family bonding experience.