Multi-car collision in Dekalb County kills two

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Many people in Georgia may believe the task of assigning liability in a car accident to be a fairly cut-and-dry matter: authorities identify the person responsible for the accident, and liability claims (either against the driver themself or their auto insurance carrier) follow. Yet in many cases, it is not nearly that easy. Not only may the exact cause of a car accident be difficult to identify, but liability may lie with multiple parties.

This is especially true in multi-car collisions, where drivers who may not be liable for the initial collision might face liability for their actions that follow. Following a vehicle too closely or failing to pay close attention might contribute to subsequent incidents that ultimately cause a minor accident to result in a major catastrophe involving multiple accident victims.

Strange sequence of events leaves two dead in Dekalb County

Authorities currently have the task of determining whether such factors contributed to a strange string of occurrences that resulted in a multi-car collision in Dekalb County. WXIA-TV reports that, upon arriving at the scene of the accidents, officials found a man dying of a gunshot wound and a woman dead after a passing tractor-trailer struck her. Reports indicate the gunshot victim (who later died at a local hospital) stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road. Another vehicle then collided with his, prompting its driver to exit the vehicle to investigate. It was then that the tractor-trailer hit and killed her.

Assigning liability for a car accident

While the aforementioned case certainly presents a unique scenario, it remains true that liability for accidents may belong to multiple parties. All parties involved (whether they share in the liability or not) might also need compensation to cover their accident expenses. For one to secure the most favorable outcome in such a convoluted scenario, they may want to seek out reliable sources of legal assistance.