What is the Fatherhood program?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Family Law

Child support is a legal obligation you have to your child. If you fall behind in payments, you may face penalties and potential punishment. It is in your best interests and those of your child that you find a way to stay current on payments. 

The Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Child Support Services explains the state has a Fatherhood program that assists you if you have difficulty paying your child support. 

The goal

The Fatherhood program can help you to find steady and secure employment. It aims to assist you with a variety of things that could impact your ability to find and keep a job. It also encourages your involvement with your child and helps you avoid having to go to court because of missed child support payments. While you are in the program, enforcement activities will pause to give you a chance to fix your situation. 


The Fatherhood program offers employment services including job training, job placement and volunteer options. It also provides services to assist you with qualifying or keeping a job, such as GED services and help with getting your driver’s license reinstated. 

The program will also provide child support services. It can asset you with requesting a modification if you need one in your case to avoid future issues. The program also provides education and information about the child support system so that you understand how to avoid problems and how the process works. 

The program is a process that eventually you may complete by paying your child support on time for sixty days. Your case will receive additional monitoring so that if you have struggles again, the program can step in to help.