How motorists and motorcyclists can avoid accident

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Driving any kind of motor vehicle requires care and acknowledging others on the road. Meaning motorcyclists and motorists alike should make an effort to watch out for one another to prevent a painful or fatal accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the odds of a motorcyclist dying in a crash is 28 times greater than the odds of a car passenger dying in a crash. Not having the walls of a car or airbags to create a barrier in a collision, plays a role in this higher fatality rate reported by NHTSA. As such, it’s crucial for motorcyclists to take extra steps to increase visibility and motorists to be more mindful of smaller vehicles.

Motorcycle visibility

Since safety is a two-way street, there are measures motorcyclists can take to help motorists spot them easier on the road. This can include changing up one’s riding attire by incorporating more brightly colored and reflective gear and clothing.

Riders can also try to stay out the blind spots of car drivers whenever possible. Motorcyclists can do this by avoiding driving side by side other vehicles, keeping their distance and not weaving in and out traffic.

Motorist responsibility

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reports that car drivers are involved in more than 50% of all fatal motorcycle crashes. So, when car drivers spot a motorcycle driver who is keeping their distance on the road, it is important to respect that distance.

Using more defensive driving practices when it comes to looking out for motorcycles is also a good idea for motorists to implement. Essentially, before making sudden maneuvers — lane changes or turns — motorists should double-check and see if there are motorcyclists in the area. Because of their small size, motorcycles are often tough to spot, so being extra cautious can go a long way.

In the event that a collision does take place, a personal injury attorney can help both car drivers and motorcycle riders receive compensation.