Baby born during car accident found beneath backseat

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

While motor vehicle accidents are commonplace in Georgia, a woman giving birth during a crash is newsworthy. Bad weather caused a mom rushing her laboring daughter to the emergency room to crash. 

The bigger issue was not the woman giving birth, but her inability to find her newborn after the car came to a stop. 

Accident caused birth 

Wet roads led to the SUV hydroplaning as the mother of the woman in labor rushed them to the hospital. The vehicle hit a curb after crossing the roadway. Before a brick wall stopped its acceleration, the vehicle hit a power pole. 

With all the windows busted out, the women frantically searched for the newborn. Law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, searched the vehicle and surrounding areas then found the child beneath a seat with the umbilical cord attached. The women, one-year-old child and newborn went to the hospital where the baby spent time in the neonatal ICU. 

No word mentioned on the status of the women or the toddler in the vehicle. The baby is in stable condition in the NICU. 

Injury damage calculation explained 

Car crashes can cause untold pain and suffering for the victims. Had the woman not found her newborn following the accident, there is no telling the emotional devastation she would have felt. 

Giving birth in a car during a crash can lead to other complications not mentioned in the news story. While the new mother may not choose to place a lawsuit against her mother for crashing, she may still need help paying for medical bills caused by the accident.