Bankruptcy could become necessary after seeking medical attention

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Firm News

Debt is no stranger to Americans. Whether we cannot afford basic necessities or finance a newer vehicle, it is relatively normal to be in debt.

When our financial plans work out, enabling us to make our required minimum payments, borrowed funds do not tend to be problematic. However, unexpected circumstances often point to bankruptcy as the answer. Far too often, taking care of our health care needs is what puts us over the edge.

What can you do about your medical bills?

Nearly 140 million Americans reportedly feel the financial weight of medical debt. While your saved money is vital for the future, it may seem like drawing from your retirement accounts is the best approach to stopping creditor calls. Though, that may be unnecessary.

Unfortunately, disparity throughout the medical field allows different facilities to charge variable prices for the same procedures. Meanwhile, nationwide controversy over health care affordability continues.

After you seek medical attention, you may be able to minimize your financial liability. Some options include:

  • Negotiate. Ultimately, you are your best advocate in terms of your health care. You can negotiate the services your provider orders, as well as the involved costs.
  • Review. Medical billing involves complexity, and you need not blindly trust each bill is accurate. When your doctor bills arrive, evaluate them to make sure you are paying for the specific services you received.
  • Arrange. If you cannot pay your bill in one lump sum, your provider or medical facility might be willing to work with you to establish an affordable payment plan.

Borrowing money may seem necessary for getting your finances back in order. However, before you take on further financial obligations, look into potential forgiveness options.

Many hospitals have a connection with charitable organizations that may be willing to forgive your debt. If that is not an option you qualify for, bankruptcy may allow you to discharge your medical debts, among others, without making other matters worse.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to start fresh. Significantly reducing your overall debt could provide both the financial relief and peace of mind you need to get on the road to recovery.