Are you eligible for a limited driving permit?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | criminal defense

If you lose your license in Georgia for a DUI, it can have a serious impact on your life. Not being able to drive yourself to and from work could lead to financial problems, especially if you cannot find alternative transportation. You may be able to take advantage of limited driving privileges. 

The Georgia Department of Driver Services explains that a judge may allow you to drive in limited situations while under suspension. Having limited privileges will allow you to drive to specific places and for specific reasons. The judge will tell you exactly under which circumstances you may drive. You cannot drive outside of the circumstances ordered by the judge. 


The judge may give you permission to drive to court or other legally required obligations, such as counseling appointments. He or she may allow you to drive to and from work or to transport a family member to medical appointments. The order for the limited driving permit will state specifics about when you can drive. This includes stating where you may drive, what routes you may use and what times you can drive. The judge also has the authority to place other restrictions on your driving privileges. 


You cannot get limited driving privileges for a commercial driver’s license. You also will face serious repercussions if law enforcement catches you driving outside of the perimeters of the court’s order. You will lose your limited driving permit if you fail to follow the judge’s instructions on when and where you can drive. Furthermore, if you commit any traffic violation while driving with your permit, you will also lose it. 

Having the chance to get a limited driving permit is a privilege. A judge does not have to give it to you. However, courts understand that having some driving privileges can help you to meet obligations and prevent you from losing your job or facing other hardships.