How does alcohol affect the body?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2019 | criminal defense

In Georgia, drunk driving and related offenses are taken very seriously. Those who are convicted could spend time in jail, face fees and fines, and have their license revoked or suspended. Sometimes, people think that the are not actually drunk when they are pulled over, because they don’t “feel” drunk. But it is entirely possible to be intoxicated even if you don’t “feel” like you are.

Alcohol affects everyone’s body differently. This is part of what makes it so hard – or even impossible – to tell whether or not you are actually drunk based on how you feel. You may feel very sober but be high above a 0.08 percent on a breathalyzer test. On the other hand, someone who isn’t yet at a 0.08 percent could have far less control over themselves.

How alcohol affects you depends on a number of factors. This can include your age, weight, gender, physical health, and whether you had eaten anything beforehand. Your metabolism also plays a role. Depending on how quickly your body processes alcohol, you could burn it out of your system quickly or be stuck with it for quite a while.

This means that the different stages of drunkenness can hit you at any time as well. You may be in the middle of driving when you suddenly get doubled or blurry vision, or face any other number of impaired senses.

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