Could getting a divorce help your child?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Family Law

There is a common misconception that divorce is damaging to children whose parents go through it. However, depending on how the parents treat the circumstance, going through a divorce could potentially help your child in these ways.

Valuing a relationship

Parents who choose to divorce should explain that while neither parent is a bad person, the match turned out to be unsuitable. You can use this opportunity to help your child identify their own values and which values they seek in a partner.

In addition to helping them find a suitable match in their relationships, both romantic and platonic, this can also help your child value their relationships. Your child will understand that without compatibility and compromise, relationships can be lost.

Thinking outside the self

Children who live in divorced families will soon learn that not every family is perfect. While navigating the transition of the divorce will be challenging, it may help them consider the challenges that their peers may be dealing with at home.

Try to take a moment to explain that most people have challenges that other people may not be aware of. That’s why it’s best to always be patient and understanding of other people’s actions and reactions.


While your child is in school, they will follow an established routine. However, when your child grows up, they’ll need to learn to change and adapt to new environments, responsibilities and people.

A divorce can help prepare children for this by making them more adaptable. For example, children of divorce must learn how to adapt to different living environments, rules and even their parent’s new significant others.


Living with a single parent may mean that children need to take on more responsibilities at home. Learning to make their own meals, do chores and help out their parent can establish a self-efficiency they may not otherwise develop until later in life.

Being self-efficient can help kids persevere through school work, sports teams, clubs and other big challenges later in life. By learning more about the divorce process, you can discover the different ways to work through a divorce that can benefit you too.