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What you put in your mouth may affect breathalyzer results

Recent studies have shown that breathalyzer tests aren’t always accurate. A number of factors can affect the results you get, such as the quality of the breathalyzer or even a hiccup.

But, did you know that something as simple as what you put in your mouth could have a profound impact on whether or not your arrested for a DUI? Here are just a few things you may want to cut out of your routine.

The CARD Act protects you from credit card companies

If you’re having trouble managing credit card debt, you’re not alone. The total amount of credit card debt among American consumers surpassed 1 trillion dollars last year, according to a study by WalletHub. Now that’s a lot of debt.

Some card issuers have engaged in abusive lending practices to wrack up this debt by imposing surprise fees and penalties. What most credit card users don’t know is that they have a federal right against these types of practices under the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009.

How serious are shoplifting charges?

1 out of 11 Americans are shoplifters — that’s about 27 million people. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), over 10 million people have been caught shoplifting in the US within the last five years.

With habitual shoplifters stealing an average of at least once per week, it’s no surprise. But, what exactly happens when you’re caught shoplifting? The severity of the penalties for this crime depends on a few factors.

The dangers of tractor-trailer accidents

Getting into an accident with a tractor-trailer is scary and often life-threatening. These types of vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which would cause a devastating crash.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that there were just shy of 4,000 fatalities resulting from tractor-trailer collisions in 2016, with 66 percent of those being passenger-vehicle occupants. What types of tractor-trailer accidents should you watch out for?

How medical debt often leads to bankruptcy

American health care is often anything but cheap, which is why it is easy for medical bills to stack up. Especially after a number of costly procedures after an illness or injury, you may be swimming in debt, even if you have health insurance.

If you find yourself sinking under the weight of your medical debt, claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option you are looking toward. Claiming bankruptcy can be scary, but the good news is that you are not alone. An NPR poll shows that more than 25% of adults suffer severe financial trouble after the cost of medical care.

Do you have to be drunk to get a DUI?

Going out for a few drinks with your friends is a common activity you enjoy. A night out with friends is a fun way to unwind. But after you have had a drink or two, you might not know if you should drive home. You do not feel drunk but you do not want to risk getting charged with a DUI. Can a police officer arrest you for driving while under the influence even if you are not drunk?

If you are not drunk can you still be charged?

Changing child custody orders in Georgia

If you are going through a big change, such as moving or rearranging your work schedule, you may need to make amendments to your child custody arrangement.

By petitioning the court, a divorced parent in Georgia can request changes to an existing child custody order. These changes may be accepted or negotiated by the court. For example, the court may allow the custodial parent to move out of state with the child(ren) in exchange for allowing the non-custodial parent more visitation time.


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