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Know your rights when pulled over by the police

Anytime you’re stopped by the police, it’s a nerve-racking experience. If you don’t follow protocol, things could take a turn for the worse several different ways.

With that said, you also have rights that are to be abided by the police officer. If they violate your rights and improperly punish you, you have the legal standing to fight your penalties.

10 Tips to support your teen child before and after divorce

For spouses, and their children, divorce is an adverse situation. For the partners directly involved, this likely wasn’t the result you had planned on. Still, after numerous trials and attempts at saving the marriage sputtering out, divorce is now the reality. Divorce can be mentally and physically exhausting, but the newfound truth, once it’s finalized, can be freeing for some, while others may take a while to recover.

For teens, emotions of confusion, anger, resentment, and anxiety, among others, can bubble up unexpectedly when their parents get divorced. Many don’t truly understand why or may think the divorce is their fault. It can be shocking for a teenager’s mind.

Medical debt can cause bankruptcy

If you are like many Americans, you probably have medical debt. You may even have an account in collections and receive multiple calls from collection agencies trying to reclaim your debt. You might feel like bankruptcy is a welcome relief to the overwhelming medical debt you have.

As insurance providers change their policies and medical costs go up, more and more people struggle with unpaid medical debt. This debt has led to many people filing bankruptcy. According to the American Journal of Public Health, around 60% of people cite medical debt as a main reason for declaring bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy fraud, what it is and how to avoid being charged

It can happen to anyone. You owe a significant amount of money to someone and do not have the means to repay the debt or expect to have enough funds in the near future. You've probably wondered whether filing bankruptcy is the only plausible option. During a bankruptcy process, the court will liquidate your assets and disperse them to your creditors based on the level of claim they have against you. 


What to do after a car accident

Car accidents are one of the greatest issues in the United States. There are over six million car crashes every year, and three million people suffer injuries. These situations can be very disorienting. One moment you’re calmly heading toward your destination and the next you’re in a wreck wondering what to do.

Accidents can be frustrating and may ruin your afternoon, but it’s important to stay calm and try not to panic. If you follow the proper protocol, the situation will be over quickly, and you’ll be able to resume your day.

When a debt collector can contact you and how to make it stop

Those who owe money should expect someone will come around asking for it sooner or later. But, most don’t realize that there are laws about when and how collection efforts can be made.

If you find yourself in this position and are feeling harassed by creditors, you have the power to make it stop. Here’s how.

What you put in your mouth may affect breathalyzer results

Recent studies have shown that breathalyzer tests aren't always accurate. A number of factors can affect the results you get, such as the quality of the breathalyzer or even a hiccup.

But, did you know that something as simple as what you put in your mouth could have a profound impact on whether or not your arrested for a DUI? Here are just a few things you may want to cut out of your routine.


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