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How to ease your teen’s concerns about driving near trucks

Whether you are driving through town or cruising on the interstate, you share the road with other motorists. When you travel I-75 you certainly see plenty of semi-trucks hauling along. When you got your license, you learned the basics of being a safe driver. Today, you continue to use these skills and other tips you’ve picked up along the way.

Now that your teen is eager to get behind the wheel, you want to make sure that you pass on the best knowledge you can. Driving alongside tractor-trailers can be intimidating for both new and seasoned drivers. A crash with a truck may result in serious injuries. Help eliminate some of your child’s fear by talking to them about sharing the road with trucks.

Do you lose all of your property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There are many things that could leave you facing considerable debt. Perhaps you suffered a major medical emergency which led to crushing medical bills. Maybe a loss of income through a divorce or unemployment caused your bills and debt to pile up. Or perhaps circumstances combined with a high credit card interest rate to leave you with a level of credit card debt that worries you greatly.

Is it possible to fight a speeding ticket?

Disobeying the speed limit is not a rare crime. The truth is, many Georgia drivers do it every day for a multitude of reasons—some perhaps justifiable, and many others not. Regardless, for lead-footed motorists, when an officer pulls them over, they can usually expect a costly ticket. This can bring negative consequences to an individual’s insurance rates, and for commercial drivers, possibly detrimental effects to their career.

To be sure, speeding puts many other people at risk besides the driver who’s doing it, which is logically why penalties exist. Still, what if a driver was going over the limit because of an emergency? What if the officer’s speed determination was wrong? These are just a couple grounds for fighting a ticket, and for drivers who feel they’ve been wrongly accused, such defenses could save them from an expensive burden.

What are some child custody laws I should know?

Decisions about child custody and visitation are undoubtedly best when designed by the parents of the child and not by the court. However, the court has laws and regulations associated with child custody issues ready to enforce when parents cannot come to an agreement. These laws vary by state, but the general rule is to allow both parents an allotted time based on the best interest of the child.


Bankruptcy: Why are more older Americans filing?

Like so many older Americans, you want to keep your home. However, your mounting medical debt seems to have other ideas. Healthcare is one of the most significant expenses in retirement, and for many seniors, it can get out of control.

According to a new study, a couple retiring this year will have an average of $275,000 in medical expenses during their retirement. This does not include nursing home costs, either.

Five common mistakes fathers make during divorce proceedings

Let’s face it: going through a divorce is one of the most the most stressful ordeals you can face in life. With the sudden prospect of major changes to you and your children’s lives, it can be easy to be ill-prepared, even when you have your loved ones’ best interests in mind.

As a father, you may feel as though the deck is stacked against you in your quest for fair custody. You should be aware, however, that with the help of a good lawyer, and by taking the right precautions, you can be sure to have a fair say in family court.

Georgia’s harsh DUI penalties

The heart skips a beat anytime the cherries flash in the rearview. When that traffic stop turns into a DUI citation it’s an even bigger concerns. Drunk driving puts others at great risk, and a DUI ticket is expensive and damaging for years to come.

Whether you take a field sobriety test or a breath test, the results aren’t concrete. The anxiety of a traffic stop can greatly affect concentration and balance, and breath test equipment is subject to error if it’s not used properly.

Even speeding tickets can affect a CDL

Your career is in your hands when you’re holding the steering wheel. Anyone with a commercial driver’s license knows that you’re never truly off the clock. What you do on your own time in your own vehicle will reflect on your career—and potentially damage it.

While any traffic incident can affect your CDL, the most serious offenses are DUI, negligent driving that causes a fatality and leaving the scene of an accident. However, even speeding tickets can cost a lot more than the fines. By state law, two serious traffic violations in a three-year period will lead to license suspension.


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